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Lost Notebook and Other Unpublished Papers, The: Mathematical Works of Srinivasa Ramanujan
Author(s): S. Ramanujan

ISBN:    978-81-7319-947-9 
Publication Year:   2008
Pages:   476
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   240mm x 305mm
Weight:   1700

About the book

The Lost Notebook, with an introduction by George E. Andrews and a short biography by S. Raghavan, consists of 90 unpaginated sheets representing Ramanujan’s work on q-series and other topics followed by letters written by Ram¬¬anujan to G.H. Hardy on many mathematical topics including “coefficients in the 1 / g3 and 1g2 problems” as well as the only available remnant of his famous letter dated 12th January 1920 on mock theta functions. The nearly 650 formulas in The Lost Notebook cover approximately: • q-series and related topics including mock ?-functions – 60% • Modular equations and relations, singular moduli – 30% • Integrals, Dirichlet series, congruences, asymptotics, miscellaneous – 10% The Lost Notebook includes a hitherto unpublished manuscript of Ramanujan’s on “Properties of p(n) and t(n) …” dealing with congruence relation satisfied by these arithmetical functions, 28 sheets copied from the “Loose Papers” of Ramanujan held in the Trinity College Library which include notes on “Reciprocal functions”, “Approximate summation of series involving prime numbers”, Ramanujan’s discoveries on Euler products for Dirichlet series associated to modular forms and Ramanujan’s “forty identities”, with relevant sheets in Ramanujan’s handwriting. The subsequent 117 pages include Ramanujan’s unpublished work related to “Highly composite numbers” and “On certain trignometrical sums…” with Hardy’s notings thereon as also class invariants listed by Ramanujan with a host of interesting identities of an arithmetic nature. The Lost Notebook also carries letters between J.E. Littlewood, G.H. Hardy, Ramanujan and G.N. Watson, etc. with a bearing on Ramanujan’s work and various other letters of some significance including E.H. Neville’s letter on Ramanujan extracted from Nature of 20th January 1921.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements / Publishers’s Note / Introduction / A Short Biography / Mr. S. Ramanujan’s Mathematical Work in England / From Rogers to S. Ramanujan / The Lost Notebook / Letters from Srinivasa Ramamanujan to G.H. Hardy and Some Sheets from the Lost Notebook / Properties of p(n) and ?(n) defined by the equations / Loose Papers (On Reciprocal Functions, Approximate Summations of Series Involving Prime Numbers, Euler Products for Dirichlet Series and Forty Identities etc.) / Other Unpublished Material Including Portions of Manuscripts.


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